Tameka “Tiny” Cottle: Rap’s official ugliest baby mama period.

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I already know what the commenter’s are going say after reading this…”Oh, your just jealous”, “stop hating”, blah blah blah. Let me make it easy for you. I am not jealous, because I think Tiny is by far the most unattractive hip hop (wife/common law) period. Her nose is ENORMOUS, and  her faced is shaped like a man’s, square and long, she has no neck, a short torso and she just looks lumpy. Like usual, in the black world, since she is light skinned with long hair, she is considered “fine” by some. What about her man hands? That short, stout, oddly shaped body? I mean come on. What is so hot about this girl and why does anyone want to document her life?

There are countless of light skinned beauties with long hair in hip hop that are by definition simply beautiful..but Tiny is NOT one of them….Toya is clearly the hotter of the two..easily.

"It has to be true love. That's the only explanation..."  -staffer

"It has to be true love. That's the only explanation..." -harlemenglish.com staffer

Yes she has a lot of money, but she only has money because she guaranteed herself a paycheck by having TI’s babies. So being jealous of her because she has money isn’t something no strong minded independent woman need to worry about because finding a rich guy and getting knocked up for him takes no brain power, ask Kelis. Besides, that isn’t her money , it’s his.

I try not to criticise peoples looks, especially when they are good people and cannot help it. But Tiny loves shoving that horrendous looking man faced mug in front of cameras 24/7..and it’s starting to offended me.

What perplexes me is how she is relevant in any way shape or form. So your baby’s daddy is TI? Now you and Lil Wayne’s ex-wife are starring in a reality show? Why? What is it that Tiny & Toya have to tell the world that we couldn’t google ourselves? Neither clearly have anything else to do but show off their countless illegitimate children and over the top cars and homes to the naive young black youth who I am sure will be eagerly watching this ghetto display of stupidity.

Are any of these “ladies” working? Do they have any ambitions others than being the baby’s mama to rich rappers who are currently in or was previously behind bars? Why won’t they just give R. Kelly a show too so he can show the world how great the life of a pedophile can be?

It seems like BET continues to help drag the black youth of our country into a declining state of pettiness and superficiality. Anyone notice how no one every makes reality shows about good people who actually have something to contribute to our world? Now get arrested and cause nothing but chaos and controversy, and your baby’s mama can get a reality show. Man this country is great.

Anywho..I will add a video clip preview of Tiny & Toya’s “fascinating” new reality show appearing on that “groundbreaking” network BET.  I will let you judge for yourself the true ugliness of Tiny’s mug.  Afterwards, please fill out the poll and give me your opinion on Tiny’s looks. Show description taken from Tiny’s Blogspot (low budget free hosting) blog.

TINY AND TOYA is BET’s provocative, new half-hour docu-drama chronicling the lives of Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Antonia “Toya” Carter – two dynamic, young women immersed in the craziness of the hip-hop world, but striving to find inner-strength, peace and purpose. On the surface, their real-life story plays out like an urban fairytale – both women falling in love with two of hip hop’s most successful princes (T.I. and Lil’ Wayne) and living the life of the rich and famous.
Watch the sneak peek Sunday, June 28 immediately following the BET Awards.
Set in the heart of Atlanta, against the backdrop of the multi-billion dollar music industry, TINY AND TOYA follows the journey of two best friends overcoming their struggles to discover who they really are, from the inside out. They are tired of being defined by others (in the shadow of their high-profile men) and are determined to rely on each other and the strength from within to find their purpose and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.
Each episode will give the audience an inside look into Tiny and Toya’s lives. They take us on an exciting roller coaster ride in search of independence and a quest to set the record straight. We watch them flip the script and create new business ventures of their own. They will be faced with real choices that will potentially change their lives and the lives of those around them forever. We learn why this magnetic and mesmerizing duo won the hearts of T.I. and Lil’ Wayne, as they win over ours.
Though the stakes are high, it’s their unique bond as women, mothers, “sisters” and friends that will ultimately pull them through.
Catch the sneak peek Sunday, June 28 following the BET Awards.Tune in Tuesdays at 10 PM/9C, starting June 30.

Here’s yet another “promotional” video clip I found for this “groundbreaking” show.

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